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venetian snares pwnz!!!

If there’s one guy that blew me off my socks multiple times this year musically, it has to be the one like Venetian Snares (don’t click just yet, I’m not done talking).

the one like Venetian Snares, boh!!He released a number of great records this year like the most recent excellent breakcore album Meathole with the abstract yet somewhat pornographic cover art. The Rossz Csillag Allat Sz├╝letett LP (there’s no way I’ll ever remember that by hard) fusing chopped breaks and classical violins and piano, that could even be party enjoyed by my girlfriend, which I found pretty amazing actually. The hardest and IMO most fun this year was the Winnipeg Is A Frozen Shithole LP, which is plain hard banging gabber kicks and extreme sample chopping madness, whoohooo!! Excellent to freak people out who are used to more conventional sounds btw…

To get a taste, there’s plenty of links to audio clips on the websites in the discography section, or you could check out some of the videos made by fans on the website. The one made for the Szamar Madar track is mindblowing. Hotlinking to it isn’t allowed, but it’s worth the few clicks it’ll take you to get to it. Fucking amazing stuff!

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