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Just found out about this neat feature in Bloglines which allows you to integrate those typical announcement-only mailing lists as an RSS feed.

words on paperEvery time you create one of those Bloglines email feeds, a unique email address is created, which you use to subscribe to that particular mailing list. Every mail sent to that address will be listed as a new post to the feed.
Bloody brilliant innit?

I had to search for it a little while before I found where they hid this neato feature, so here’s how you create an email feed in short:

  • in your feed list click “Add”
  • click Email groups
  • click “Create an Email Subscription” at the bottom
  • enter the feeds data, and click the create button
  • after the refresh, you’ll see the email address listed to use for this feed
  • subscribe to the mailing list using that address
  • and you’re done

There’s some more creative options to exploit this kind of feature of course. You could also create a email feed for a Todo list for instance, or use this to have reminders from your Yahoo! calendar (or any other service) compiled into a reminder-feed.

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oh haha! now i know what that email option in bloglines was for. i couldnt figure out why they were offering free alternative email accounts. dont i have enough already? but the feed feature – now that does sound very useful!

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