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raw breakcore mix by citron

More hardcore for yo asses. The one like Blade aka Citron (sounds very junglist doesn’t it, said like that) has just dished up another sweet mix full of sick drum’n’bass and breakcore. If you like your Amens sliced and dices into teeny-weeny itsy-bitsy pieces, and served with a lots of distortion and a sidedish of hardcore kicks this might be just the kind of noise you are looking for.

citron in the mix
You can get that mix right here, and these tracks are nicely played in the following order:

1. Aaron Spectre – Alien vs Rodigan
2. Epsilon – Simon says winter
3. Kid Kryptic – The way
4. Hellfish and Producer – Snake piss
5. DJ Hidden – The resonators
6. Doormouse – Splash (in your face)
7. DJ Hidden – Death at a distance
8. Technical itch and Dylan – The legend (Evol intent remix)
9. Ancronix – Shadow force (Eye-D remix)
10. Technical itch – Life of sin (Limewax remix)
11. Shitmat – My dad is a maltese, his mom is a malti-poo
12. Eye-D and Kid entropy – 640k (DJ Hidden remix)
13. Doormouse – Skelechairs (Venetian snares remix)
14. Doormouse – An extremely gassy bird
15. Doormouse – Bacon

Keep that sweet shit coming blade!

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