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DRM still sucks

DRM sucks.

I said it before, but the recent Sony malware episode really makes clear DRM is just plain evil in it’s current state.
I mean sure, I guess people are allowed to protect their content right.(I’m not going into the fact that I want to play the music I bought anywhere I feel like it, cause that’s what DRM usually disables). But does that mean “they” get the right to potentially screw up your system, and log whatever usage statistics they see fit without your knowledge?
I don’t think so!

If you have no idea what I’m ranting about here, you should check out Mark’s blog from System Internals (great system tools they have there btw, check em out as well).
Here’s the original post where he uncovers the insides of evil Sony DRM software installed without his knowledge. Check out the follow up posts as well on the subject on Mark’s blog for the best links to press coverage articles and replies from Sony or the firm that wrote the malware for Sony. Apparently they suck at writing the software as well. The damn thing can crash your machine and render your CD drive inoperable. Wheeee…
Another good reason besides paranoia to disable autoplay on your PC and make sure no software gets installed without your knowledge!

I’m definitely checking for a Sony label next time I buy a CD ffs, but I doubt that any of the stuff I listen to is going to be distributed by a major label like them anyway. I’m way to l33t for that… ;)

sony dubbing restriction message

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