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my beats in the isolation tank

So a while back a remix competition was announced for Nekura*s track “Killing Time”, to be released on his Intent to Harm label.
A number of samples where released from the tune, and since I always like these kind of remix deals, and the stimulating deadline that goes with them (I seem to need a deadline to be able to finish anything…), I gave the remix a shot.

Nekura*s tracks are ussually heavy on the breaks, turning out to be those darkstyle hardcore drum’n’bass rollers filled with cut up breaks and heavy bass we love hearing from labels like Renegade Hardware, just to name one.
As I expected the remixes to be following the break-heavy style, I tried to give my remix an approach from the other side of the dark drum’n’bass spectrum, the techstep side.

So I went for a typical 2-step beat, fucked up the bassline and used that excellent vocal sample so peeps would at least recognize something from the original track. My approach was basically the sample-pack compo approach. I took the given samples and made a track with it, without really trying to recreate the original.

I didn’t expect my track to finish first, and turn up as the B-side of the original on the vinyl release, but that didn’t matter. I thought my track was pretty good, and I was quite pleased with the final result, and some people seemed to dig it.
It bothered me that this track would possibly never see the light of day however, but fortunatly that didn’t happen.

The ITH sister netlabel iso:lation tank decided to snatch the best of the remixes, and put them up on their label as a release. Joy!!
So right now you can get mine, and 3 other great remixes by Kyosha, Beatoko and Throttler combined in the Grand Theft Audio Intent To Harm EP, and that teh shizzle?
I thought so!

Grand Theft Audio EP cover image

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Hmm, I seem to have pasted the wrong link. Fixed that, and btw, here’s the releases page link I wanted to use instead.
You can check the tunes online in a preview clip, but can’t be downloaded for free. Prices are low tbough, as it’s all mp3 releases, fully using the potential of webbased distribution! :)

I loved the Nekura stuff you posted about before – some absolutely killer tracks from that one. You seem to indicate this remix EP is downloadable but I can’t seem to find it. Have you got a link?

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