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linkagogo tip, organising sites to check out

I use LinkaGoGo as my bookmark manager, and even though it’s not quite as hip as more recent social bookmark managers like or I’m not switching because it has more useful features IMO.

One thing that’s cool is the “homepage”. You add a number of links to a homepage, add some small images to simulate icons, and you have your most used websites in a nice desktop like fashion available as soon as your browser starts.
That is, if you set it as the default page in your browser of course.

Sweet little flickr thumbnails I use for those, makes it look all purty’n’shizzle… Rrrrrr!

Anyway, I came up with this neat little trick the other day to organise my links using the tagging and search functions in Linkagogo. It happens all the time that I run into a site I want to check out when I don’t have the time to do so. To make sure I didn’t forget about that link I then either emailed that link to myself, created a desktop shortcut to it, or used the BlogThis Firefox extension to store it in my Blogger account. This of course was typical for links I felt I should write a blog entry about.

The annoying thing about this is that links like this were slowly showing up everywhere, and I wanted them all in one place. And since I’m using a bookmark manager it makes sense to store those links in there right? Hell yeah!
The only thing about storing a link in there is that you sort of forget about them as soon as you’ve dropped them in that database. I had to remind myself somehow about it.

So then it hit me. I simply tag links like that with specific keywords like “tocheck” or “toblog” so I’m only a single search query away from getting them back.
Even better, you can store the actual URL from your search query in your linkagogo database, slap a neat little icon on top of it, and put it on your homepage. Wheeee!

That way you get a reminder of those links every time you start your browser. There’s no way you’ll forget about them that way, unless you go blind or something, but then not being able to read that site about the 10 best freeware Windows tools will be the least of your problems I guess.

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