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firefox trick, create custom search keywords

Ok, this might be stupid that I didn’t find out about this before, but the mighty Firefox browser allows you to define your own search keywords using a simple bookmark. It already has a few like dict which searches and google to search… euhm, I don’t need to explain that one right?

It basically it boils down to this:

Firefox allows you to enter a parameter %s in a bookmark, which will be replaced with whatever search condition you enter after the bookmark keyword in your address bar.
So to define a flickr search bookmark, you create a bookmark with the url and the keyword flickr and that’s it.

From then on you can type flickr geek in your Firefox address bar, and zwooosh, you’re searching flickr tags!

This can be applied to any search engine that puts its search keyword in the URL, which is basically ever single one of them I guess.

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