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pukkelpop 2005

It’s been about a week ago already and I still haven’t posted anything on the subject of one of the finest Belgian music festivals, shame on me.

As usual it was a lot of fun. I went there with a bunch of friends, drank some beers, enjoyed the sunny weather the first 2 days, heard some tunes and generally had a good time.
The dnb acts where weak this year though IMO, they should really beef up on those next year, or get something else that’s cool enough to go see in the lineup (Venetians Snares, Kid 606, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Tech Itch…)
Murdock rocked, as usual, but local DJ’s ain’t what you buy an expensive festival ticket for right. Zinc was doing his usual thing, which isn’t really mine, so…

Besides that, The Prodigy was actually pretty good, hehe, never expected that. I saw them suck a few times before, and expected the same now, but for some reason it really worked… Maybe the beer had something to do with that, and the fact that the main stage soundsystem really does bring out that 808 sub in Smack My Bitch Up…. phat shizzle that tune!

T.Raumschmiere live at the Pukkelpop festival
Otherwise Korn pwned, saw some Mouse on Mars which didn’t quite impress me, tasted some nice ragga with Lady Saw but unfortunately only had a few minutes of Lady Sovereign, which made me feel like I missed out on a good gig.

The Pixies where there too, and I heard they where good. Not really my kind of thing though. I prefer dem peeps that tweak the knobs. Stuff like Shameboy, which managed to drag me to their gig as I walked by. Their oldskool electro sounds and songs are quite catchy, hit material yet with an underground touch… sweetness.
Nid and Sancy are another pair of knobtwisters which always seem to please me when they do a live show. Their raw and hard techno sounds are wicked live, but as I learned the hard way, sounds quite different when you get their tunes on a shiny plastic disc… which sucks.

So next year, I’d like a more alternative electronic music lineup on an otherwise excellent festival.

To finish off I have a nice festival tip for ya’ll which I used a lot this year.
The best and easiest way to find a clean toilet booth is to use one where you’ve just seen a girl exit from… works like a charm! :)

picture of Monitor world at pukkelpop 2005

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