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I missed this one apparently , being the holidays and all, missing out on some serious computer and surfing time, but Google actually launched it’s very own IM client Google talk in beta a few days ago.

Speculations have been true after all, and it looks slick alright. I haven’t given it a test run myself, but it looks neat like all Google stuff nowadays. It’s based on the standard Jabber protocol, and uses the Google accounts also used for your GMail mailbox. Using the open Jabber protocol is a smart move if you ask me (you didn’t, but you’re getting it anyway) because that way you can use any Jabber compatible client you want… and geeks love that kind of shiznit, so they’ll have more of em joining the network.

Speaking of which, I just found out my own Trillian doesn’t allow Jabber unless I pay for it dammit. Grrrrrr, maybe I’ll have to give Mirranda or GAIM a shot now, see what those can do for me.

It also has a voice chat functionality, like Skype, MSN, Trillian and most IM client nowadays I guess. I wonder what will be the next step in Googles quest for world domination though…

a trillian screenshot

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