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Now and then I like to game a bit and enter an alternate digital world and forget about the real one for a short moment in time. I’ve played many games in the past but currently I get bored with them pretty fast, and I also don’t want to start playing games anymore that require a large investment in time (read: MMORPG’s such as WOW).

Currently I prefer the first person action shooter that allows me to get in there for a half hour an rip the place up without having to spend time doing administration or preparation in the game itself.
No training, no building, no trading, just plain good old killing and ripping heads off… aaah, sweetness!

gunz online screenshot
Oh, and I like my games free too, not for being a cheapskate (well, maybe just a little), but simply because of the fact I don’t feel like paying a fee a month for an online game which I can’t guarantee I’ll be actually playing that month… oh, and it has to be online, did I mention that?
Playing offline games is so weird these days, and no AI is as good as a humans… euhm, not so artificial intelligence…

So thanks to my bro I came across this new FP action shooter called Gunz online, an originally Korean game, which now has an international version running in beta.
It’s basically a plain deathmatch/teammatch shooter type game combined with a slight hint of an RPG. You create a character to play with, and by playing the game you gain experience and bounty (= money) which allows you to buy bigger guns and harder outfits. Pretty simple, and fun.
It’s set in a Japanese manga style world so besides having a range of guns to handle, you get to chop people up with daikatana’s as well, which is neat.

gunz online screenshot
Gameplay is excellent. You get a number of impressive looking moves to dodge bullets, jumping off and run on walls, all as if you are Neo from The Matrix movies. Those moves, and fast action make the game fast paced and action packed, which is just the kind of thing I need to blow of some steam.

Since this is a beta version you’ll run into some glitches now and then. They are implementing extra code to discourage and disable hacking, and some instability issues, but after the latest upgrade of a few days ago, things seem to be running a lot smoother than before. You might end up not being able to connect to a server at peak moments though, and I’m hoping they will add some new servers to take the load soon.
But basically that’s a good thing when you do get connected though. Allowing too much players on one server would just screw up the gaming experience for everyone on that server, and that is not the case in this game at all, so big up for that.

gunz online screenshot

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