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flickr is out there

I’ve been going on about Flickr before, but lately it amazed me how quickly images related to global events show up in their directory.

The tagging system is really proving it works with those, and before you know it you can easily find pictures online from events like live 8, the glastonbury festival, Kirsten Dunst in bikini, or less entertaining, the recent London bombings.

The Flickr community is on or better in the media, and it’s cool to be watching.

woman taking a picture by Zen

4 replies on “flickr is out there”

Yeah, I’m thinking the same thing. You can already spot some spamming here and there in Technorati and Flickr tags as people try to generate more hits to their sites by using irrelevant tags.
If this starts to happen on a large scale, the whole tagging system will simply become unussable I guess.

Tags are great, until they become a force that really drives people to web sites. Then the marketing jerks will flood the blogosphere with them. And it’ll be back to much the same game we have now with search engines. Marketers fill it up with spam, the tag center tries to decide what qualifies as spam.

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