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attack of the mashup monsters

It’s been a while, but it’s time for some more mashup-ragga-jungle maddness, wheeee!
A nice chap from the mailinglist has been so kind as to host a number of mp3 live sets from the Monsters of Mashup gig in Brighton.

Sweetness from the ones like Bong-Ra, Enduser, Shitmat and Fucknose can be freely downloaded for your favorite mp3 player thanks to DJ 7 below.

Bong-Ra mashes ragga-jungle with breakcore and hardcore in his ussual style, Enduser throws in a bunch of the darkest and hardest drum’n’bass and ragga-jungle tunes, Shitmat’s set has a bit too much happy hardcore for my taste, and Fucknose mixes too many genres to name and brings an alround fun combination with a really cool bit of Amen-break narrative in it.
Check them out to get the feel though, cause these mixes are do versatile you really shouldn’t just slap some labels on it… whooops!

Monsters of Mashup

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