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My blog has been running for over a year now (whoohooo) and that means it’s time to look at some stats.
I notice my hits have been going up considerably since I’ve started using the technorati tags in my posts, generating lots of traffic, especially on the Yahoo! 360° post.

Search engine traffic is not bad either, with people finding my blog on various subjects from nerdy processor cooling issues to breakcore mp3 mixes.
One thing that’s rather funny is that a post containing a comment about a bikini bandit video is generating traffic from people looking for, well…, babes in bikini’s I guess, as those keywords rank in the top 10 of all keywords used to find this blog.

This post might generate some more of that kind of traffic, so I might as well throw some of that in anyway, being a crowd-pleaser and all…

beaty in pool by zuan
Anyway, still not bored with it and all, so I’ll just keep posting bits and pieces now and then of whatever I find interesting or cool enough to put up here.

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I haven’t heard of this site before, but then again social networking sites are poping up out of the ground like mushrooms these days innit.
It looks neat though, and I like the fact that you can personalise your webpage, but I guess people just choose the service they have most of their friends using.

It’s the same thing with the choice of IM client for instance, people just pick what others they know are using most, even if it’s bloody MSN…

Hey I’m just as obsessed with my stats as well man!

In terms of social networking sites and open profiles (such as 360)a very similar product is the open profile at, where you can import features outside of tribe. I

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