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So I have a Yahoo 360° account (I know, I’m so hip), and I’ve been checking it out a bit at a time now and then, and it looks like it has some great potential.
If you are currently using a lot of other Yahoo! services, like their webmail, groups, messenger and their photo albums, this will be great cause it integrates a lot of those features into your personal 360° page, and if you don’t blog already, it’s a great place to start one.

But there are always things that can be done better of course, and personally I’d like to see the following Y!360 wish-list come true:

  • flickr integration: Yahoo bought flickr a while ago, but they are still only allowing their own photo album service to be used on 360°, which is a pity. I don’t feel like putting the same photo’s up one more time at a new location, so it would be neat to be able to use your flickr sets as albums in 360°
  • customisable layout: the standard layout is slick. It’s not heavy, looks clean and neat, which is great, but the geek in me feels like playing around with it and giving it a personal touch. I know allowing this can bring up some extremely horrible layouts, just take a peek at some of those myspace pages… but still, if everyone’s page looks identical, it gets boring pretty quick.
  • Create your own lists: that’s what is says, “create your own lists”, but you only get a number of fixed lists you can fill out. Yawn, boring! Favourite movies and music, cool, but inventing your own lists would be just plain wicked and fun. How about “Coolest gigs I visited”, “Blogs that own” (listing your own of course), “Favourite alcoholic beverages”, “Things I cant stand” and “Women I can’t get but wouldn’t mind to… you know”

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. I still have plenty of invites left, so hit me up if you want one.
PC fan, looking neat with a blue light on it oslt

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Would you mind sending me an invite? I’d be grateful. But have nothing with which to bribe you.

I would love to have an invite if you have any left. Thanks so much!

crimedoctor23-invite AT

hey you still have an invite to give away.

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