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Flickr is just amazingly fun to just check out when you have a few spare minutes and just look at some pretty pictures.
The rate at which pictures are submitted to the site is mindbogling. Whenever you switch between the latest submitted images, you’re bound to see that some of the images of the previous screen have already shifted to the new page. Just staying put on the first page of the newly submitted public pictures and refreshing every few minutes is good enough to see bunches of new submissions slide by.

The search engine and tag system makes it super easy to find whatever you are looking for. Like lately I was looking for some pictures that would look good as a desktop wallpaper for instance. In case plain searching doesn’t work, there usually a bunch of groups to help you out, like the obvious wallpaper group, or others like textures, zen or minimalist and there’s plenty more to be found if you just click around a bit.

Like this wicked image of a Tokyo underground tunnel, which is currently decorating my desktop:
tokyo underground tunnel, bright neon on the raw metal walls

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