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bowling for columbine

I know it’s kinda late, but I saw Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine this weekend and even though a two hour documentary sounded like a boring idea to me at first it turned out to be quite excellent… which was sorta to what people had been telling me about it…

The most interesting part of the whole documentary was the reason that Moore suggested as to why Americans have a tendency to shoot each others brains out, compared to other countries who do not seem to be having those rather violent tendencies.
My guess was that other countries simply don’t have that many guns lying around. Like in Belgium for instance, the government has made it hard to get a gun. Most people don’t bother because of this, even though some would like one anyway.

So logically, with less guns at arms reach we have to resort to fistfights or whatever comes in handy at the moment we get so angry our Neanderthal brain tells us to bash some skulls into a bloody pulp, so evidently less people get blown away by lead beans.

But according to Moore Canadian homes hold about as much weapons as their US counterparts, and mortality rate due to boom sticks is far, far less… which is quite interesting.
Moore blames the media, and the way it sustains fear in the hearts of white America. The “scared white man” southparkish cartoon in the movie is simply brilliant, I wish there was a copy online of that somewhere I could link to, but I can’t find it at the moment. The cartoon is hilariously funny, but shouldn’t be taken too seriously, as some apparently do, but it does hold a certain degree of truth I guess.

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