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london sinfonietta warp project 2

I went to see the London Sinfonietta Warp project 2 in the Brugge Concertgebouw this weekend, and I have to say it’s something worth checking out.

What the hell is it all about and what does the British electronica label Warp have to do with it? Well, it’s basically a concert bringing classical pieces side by side with Warp tunes either played out as a recording, or brought in a classical arrangement.

I was eager to see how Aphex Twin tunes would sound as played by a live orchestra, but I have to say the classical pieces played there where quite interesting as well. Instead of going for the typical harmony and melody centred pieces we typically perceive as classical music, they made a selection of more rhythm based ones, and a few odd ducks… as Warp music is as well I guess.

Some things could have been out of a Squarepusher album, and I remember they did play a fitting track of his after that particular piece, “Conc 2 Symmetriac” from the “Do you know Squarepusher” album if I recall correctly (I checked of course, there’s no way I know those weird titles that well). I think that piece itself was called “1st Construction in Metal” by John Cage.

Besides the oldskool Ballet Mécanique video synchronised with live play they also played some Warp vids during the break, including Chris Cunninghams latest Rubber Johnny, which is (as usual) just plain wicked!

The whole thing ended after a live version of Aphex’ Polygon Window with a sweet Warp after party with peeps spinning phat beats off their laptops…

Check it out if they come near your town I’d say!

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