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popups, alerts, pot and other distractions

I find it kinda funny how even though the amount of new and up-to-date information on the internet is overwhelming as it is already , we feel like we should be informed about it instantly in the form of popup windows or alerts.
This struck me as I read that the fine IT newssite The Register just released it’s Reg NewsAlerts notifier application, another one of those small, neat notifier windows that informs you instantly about the latest events.

Together with some notifiers for your Windows OS (updates, security messages, other crap…), GMail (new mail), Outlook (more new mail), Winamp (what’s playing changes), Firefox (updates, completed downloads) and RSS newsreaders (feed updates) the bottom right corner of your screen could end up looking as busy as a jackrabbit on speed during the mating season.

According to this CNN article, constant distractions like this have a worse effect on our IQ than smoking pot… so turn of those notifiers and light a spliff instead…

well, you might wanna skip that last thing if you want to keep your job though…

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