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So my blogger “what’s playing” hack has been offline now for a while as for some reason all entries that arrive from email submissions are encapsulated with paragraph tags containing a “mobile” style.
Problem now is that I have to use single quotes to enclose the strings when I generate the JavaScript code from the Blogger template, but as soon as a single quote is used in a song title, this breaks the code, and in my case, somewhere along the line, this happened…


So I took the whole thing offline for now, and I’m gonna be looking into something else cause it didn’t really work too well actually. I got tons of emails of failed entries that didn’t make it into the blog, probably because there where too many items being posted at certain times.

I’ve started using the Audioscrobbler plugin in WinAmp now though, which is kinda neat. It keeps all sort of nice statistics, but it has it’s issues as well. There are a number of things it doesn’t seem to be registering, like the Jungletrain stream I tune in to all the time. I’ve noticed that it doesn’t register mp3 files that do not have their ID3 tags filled out correctly. So if you put your own tunes or DJ mixes online, be sure to leave your name-tag, and you might end up in the Audioscrobbler database yourself… I know, it’s what you always wanted!!

It keeps a nice record and statistic of the top artist/tunes you’ve listened to, and using the submissions done by other users you can track down similar artists or users with the same taste in noise as yourself… oh, jolly, I love stats.
I’m curious as to what my list will look like in a year or so. Currently it’s looking heavy on the breakcore side, since I recently bought some excellent Kid 606 and Venetian Snares on plastic, but it should even out over time as I listen to tons of drum’n’bass as well.

It would be cool if I could extract the top ten and include it in the blog as well, but as far as I’ve seen there isn’t a way of doing that unless you have access to server side PHP/ASP/oslt scripting. Oh well, we’ll see.

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