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Now there are a lot of GMail blogs and “tips and tricks” sites around, featuring things that are usually very obvious, but I came across this cool tip I didn’t have a clue of by chance lately.

Apparently you can add anything you want to your existing email address using a plus sign, and thus creating a virtual endless list of possible email addresses with a single gmail account.

What’s the bloody point I hear you think?
Well, you could use this as an easy criteria to filter emails. Lets say someone asks for you email address, and this turns out to be someone you think might have your address end up in some spammers list. Well, you could give him an address like, while your address obviously is simply Then simply apply a filter on the +spam address to automatically trash any incoming emails sent to that address.

But since GMail has a nice spam filter built-in you might not find this a very good example. Well, you could always use an alternative address like this for emails you want to forward automatically, or to have some other cool filter do some crazy shit with… like applying a tag oslt.. whoohoo!!

Anyway, I thought it was a cool tip…

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