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even more stats with MyBlogLog, wheee

Not only can controlefreaks as myself now track what links are being used to get into my blog, but now I also have the ability to see what links are being clicked to leave it (not too fast hopefully).

Ain’t that sweet?

MyBlogLog is not just another stats counter, but uses a javascript include to track which outgoing links are being clicked. Although it hasn’t gathered a lot of data yet in my case, it might be interesting to find out which links are used exactly to leave the site.
And to make things even better, it’s free free free!!

First 7 days you get a full trial of the package, after that, it’s a slimmed down version only, but I think that’ll be just fine for my blog. I don’t get that much hits after all, and I have better things to do than refresh the statslog all day to see who clicked what, things like… refreshing my gmail inbox oslt… heh…

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