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hairy cookie and other goodies

I got a hair in my Aldi cookie today, an actual human hair. Well, I hope it wasn’t one of a bloody animal, cause I’d hate to guess how that got in there… *shivers*

Not so nice actually, but I was thinking that the hair, since it had been passing through a hot oven together with the cookie dough, would be quite sterile by now, and in fact pretty damn harmless if you ate it or not. In these cases however it’s not the actual health hazard that stops us from munching it down, but it’s the whole idea of eating something we aren’t culturally accustomed to that scares us off.

It’s like eating cats and dogs, or a snake, or maggots and beetles. It’s all meat and proteins, which we eat every day anyway (unless you’re a vegan, but you’re not right?) but when it’s packaged inside a pet or an unusual animal form, we tend to dislike the idea of working it down. Other people’s, or not usually eaten (crocodile penis anyone?), body parts are definitely on that list as well (unless you’re a cannibal, but you’re not right?).

Looking at it from a Vulcan perspective it doesn’t really matter, and it’s simply all in our head… but I still didn’t eat the damn thing though.

But to put something more useful in here, I came across this older (2002) yet still wicked Technical Itch live John Peel session the other day, and as usual with the Itch, it’s fucking BOH!!

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