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attack of the killer tomatoes

Since the mighty bladosaurus has decided to move to a part of Sweden where no fiber has gone before he has recently given his last, but not least, online “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” mix session on the exquisite internet radio station… and guess what, his kickass mix of drum’n’bass, breakcore and gabber is definitely something I love to sink my ears in when I’m feeling like treating myself to some sliced beats and roaring bass lines.

Doesn’t the look of this tracklist alone just make your mouth water?

1. Baby Namboos – Ancoats to Zambia (dillinja remix)
2. DJ Hidden – The wrong way
3. Epsilon – No try
4. Dekoder – The knife (Paul blackout remix)
5. Temulent – Ch’i reshape
6. Eye-D & Kid entropy – 640k
7. Exile – Bad diet
8. Doormouse – Splash (in your face)
9. Kid kryptic & The enemy – Malice afterthought
10. Paul blackout – Revolution
11. Doormouse – Blackcat
12. B-key – Final conflict
13. Epsilon – Homemade bomb
14. Technical itch – Pressure drop (Kryptic minds and Leon switch remix)
15. Maniak – Yeah bitch
16. DJ Hidden & Slacknote – Wheres the score (Evol intent remix)
17. Doormouse – Skelechairs
18. DJ Hidden – Ghost story
19. Eye-D – Metric
20. Arkon – The robots
21. Hellfish and producer – International muthafukkas
22. Evol intent – 7 angels with 7 plagues
23. Doormouse – Whiskey soak
24. Mason feat. Armanni reign – Ruff rugged and raw (Technical itch remix)
25. Eye-D – James brown
26. DJ Hidden – Empty streets
27. Technical itch – Life of sin
28. Edge – In the air (early version) teeth.gif

I thought so!! Now go get it!

I’ll miss your shows matey. *snif*

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