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Saturday afternoon, chilling to a good online jungletrain set, and feeling like slacking bigtime.

So I decided to check some of my favorite online webcomics, and heck, why not dish up a little post to spam them right? Ha! So here we go.

There’s plenty of web comics out there by now, and yes, most of them are funny, but there are few that are really funny IMNSHO. There’s no point in discussing peoples sense of humor I guess, so I won’t and just spew the sites I dig the most in here.

I always loved the sick and twisted humor of the redmeat comics. My personal fav is definitely the mascot bug eyed earl. He’s nuts, just what I like in a person, or at least, a fictional cartoon character… check him out. To cover a different side, we have VG cats, a graphically exquisite geeky, gamer oriented toon, which is just “haha” funny. Yes I’m a geek, so if you aren’t you might not get half of the comics, or just can’t see what’s funny about em, but that’s your problem, so learn to live with it.

More geeky humor can be found at The Joy Of Tech, which is pretty much right up my alley as well. Aren’t IPods funny!! Haha! Yes I know!!
More graphical splendor at the previously plugged in this blog Mac Hall comics. But then there’s stuff like mnftiu which shows that you don’t need level 300 in super-graphic skills to make a funny comic. Damn, never thought clipart could be funny when used just right. So no more excuses for creating those boring powerpoint presentations ok?

Another novel approach is this combination of a photo blog and a funny web comic called Surveillant Assemblage a netpal of mine set up using blogger. It’s dry humor managed to activate my facial muscles plenty of times already (in case you’re wondering, that’s a way of saying I think it’s kinda funny).
It’s inspiring to see this kind of stuff, but I can hardly ever come up with anything funny, so I don’t bother (so I guess it’s not that inspiring after all).

That’s it for now, so back to some more intensive slacking!

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