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gmail, pushing the envelope

GMail really is pushing the envelope when it comes down to web applications and online webmail. Not only do they have the most responsive and easy to use web interface I’ve seen online to date, offer 1GB of disk space, allow free POP3 access to your emails and have a free neato new mail notifier, but recently they are also offering an atom feed that allows you to check your inbox for fresh emails using your favorite (if it’s supported) RSS/Atom aggregator.

No doubt more aggregator will be added to the list soon, and maybe Bloglines will be in there somewhere too, so I’ll be able to check my emails, even though I already have the notifier running, or have my gmail account open in another Firefox tab (yes, g33k is the word).

You go gmail!
Btw, I still have gmail invites left, so if you’re itching to give it a try, drop me an email at n3wjack at gmail dot com and I’ll fix you up with an account (if I still have invites left by then that is). Looks like everypone got 50 brand new invites, so that shouldn’t be a problem… :)

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