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more ragga jungle

I’m really starting to get into this kind of mixes, probably because it’s something different from what I’ve been listening to, giving it a nice and fresh feel for me personally.

This mix I’ve been digging recently, Rhumble – Roots & Culture

1 45 Thieves (Conquest music)
2 U-Ome : You (galapagos4 chi-town BBQ mix) (XL-3 Recordings)
3 Kid606 feat. Wayne Lonesome : Buckle up (Shockout)
4 Frankus : The champ is here (Bananas)
5 Typhoon : Redline (John Rolodex Mix) (Yard Recordings)
6 Ray Keith : Blood Warriors (R.A.W. Records)
7 Bizzy B : Afraid of the dark (Planet-Mu Records)
8 Debaser : Mood to Kill (U-Ome Remix) (Press Up Records)
9 Enduser : RPRZNT (03 MIX) (FTM Records)
10 DJ Taktik & Stada feat. Base Nacho : Bigger den dat (Blacklist Records)
11 rhygin : bust outta dis (ten pound remix) (Ten Pound Sound)
12 General Malice : Dancehall Bustlin (Big Cat)
13 Twinhooker : Any Bwoy dis (Darkside)
14 Twinhooker : Badman Time (Junglexpeditions Records)
15 Soundmurderer & SK-1 : Telembodanustyle (Original Mix) (Rewind Records)
16 Debaser : Tallawah (Young & Strong Dub) (Press Up Records)

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