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get clean, free windows software right here has set it it’s goal to offer a list of free software for daily-use, which contains no spyware, adware or other nasties.
The list if growing steadily, and it’s looking pretty good at the moment. Lot’s of good Open Source Software is already listed in there, together with other great free software like the Avast! anti-virus software, a personal favorite of mine.

Hopefully sites like this will be used for the general public to get their software from instead of scamming bastards like

So go ahead, spam your non tech-head friends with the link, I know I will!

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Hello there n3wjack 01:30, I thought I would check out some blog sites for info I could use at my website. I started out looking for peer 2 peer related stuff but there’s so much info out there about everything, I kind of got lost. I get sidetracked easily these days. Anyway, I’m at and gotta get back to the search. Had fun and thanks, mike

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