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trillian 3.0

Wheeeee, Trillian got a major update this week, and that’s pretty damn sweet.

I’ve been using Trillian (Basic version) since I switched from ICQ and didn’t feel like installing 3 different IM clients on one machine, as I didn’t want to waste my precious computer resources. Currently I’m on ICQ, Yahoo, MSN and IRC daily using only one client, and I think that’s pretty neat.

Trillian has proven to be stable, slim and feature rich over the years, and they have continued to do so with their new version. The layout has changed, and frankly, I liked the old more, smooth edged skin better, but I’ll get used to this one anyway. New features include those nifty buddy icons they have on the AIM and MSN network, and tabbed chat windows, which is particularly handy for IRC chat sessions.

Other than that, all the old features are still there, and the update went smoothly. Besides some custom IRC settings, nothing went lost in the upgrade, and I noticed that updates and patches are now automatically detected as Trillian starts up, and asks if those are to be installed or not.

One funny thing though, in the identity information panel you can set your buddy icon, and a description. That icon is used on all networks that support it, but the description isn’t copied to MSN for instance, which could perfectly do that.
I wonder where that textline ends up then… and since the docs ain’t online yet, I guess I’ll have to wait a while to find out.

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