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i'm being copied

By pure chance I came across this site that seems to be containing a copy of my blog (actually, I was doing an ego search on Google, but I’d rather not mention that).

In fact it copies all blogs in a so called Blogger Aggregator by fetching the atom.xml, and storing it in a database. I don’t really see the point, but hey, who am I to judge what people feel like writing in PHP these days.

When it comes to my blog there really isn’t much of a problem. It’s published under a Creative Commons license which allows copying, but I didn’t really see any attribution links or something like that in there, so I guess that’s something that needs to be added to be in line with the license. Problem is there might be other blogs that are copied which are published under more restrictive licenses… something worth looking into I guess.

So basically I’d like to see a link pointing to the original blogs in there, and also a bit of a layout change, cause those blue on blue hyperlinks I’m seeing… that’s just hard on the eyes imho.

Funny thing is, this post will also appear on the site itself, so maybe I can do the attribution thing myself, by simply linking to my own blog right here. According to a post on the site itself, this should be in there in about 10 minutes… lets find out!

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I am the author of I wrote the blogger program so that my site would show up when people search for their blogs. I will add in the link the original blog. I have a whole new design that is much easier to read, it will be online shortly.

thanks for posting.

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