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I came across a photo service called Flickr a while ago from a link on the Creative Commons site while looking for a way to get copylefted images to paste into my blog here and there to spice things up a bit, and give the readers eyes (yes, I’m concerned about your wellbeing:) a break from reading all that text.

Now, it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for, even though the name itself is sort of funny when you’re a native Dutch speaker. Lots of nice pictures to be found on the site, posted by peers, and a lot of them are licensed under some CC license. In case they aren’t, and regular copyrights are involved, I found it only take a little messages to get approval to use an image, so that’s pretty damn sweet.

You can link from the site directly, as long as you link back, which is ideal for blogs cause you don’t have to worry about getting or using your own webspace, and it’s a lot faster than having to save/upload/link yourself. The site offers a good search functionality to find those images you need related to a post nice and easy by using a tag and comment search.

image by jpmatth

I haven’t put any images on there myself yet, but I’m sort of getting itchy to start taking my cam around and hopefully shoot some of those sometimes pretty amazing flics myself.

I’ve added a little flickr tickr to the sidebar as well, showing some of the recent additions to the site (and there sure are a lot of those).

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