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wired creative commons cd

I wanted to mention this because I think the idea rocks. Wired Magazine published a CD with tracks from big time artists licensed under Creative Commons licenses.
Even though though the tracks themselves hardly interest me it’s cool to see a good idea like CC is getting some good mainstream media coverage this way.

By using the CC license, you’re free to rip & share the tunes without fearing the wrath of RIAA coming down on you. In fact, people did just that, and if you’re in to BitTorrent you can get it super-fast at Legal Torrents.
If you’re not into BT yet, check it out anyway, it’s here to stay imo.

You can find more info about the licenses here at the Creative Commons site, which will also make clear which tunes you are free to sample legally (nothing can stop you from sampling anything anyway… :))

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ah yes, didn’t quite point that out, but it depends on the type of CC license of course what’s allowed and what’s not. But the CC licenses do offer a nice, easy and (hopefully) soon a standard way of picking what you feel is suited for you, without having to draft some license of your own.

Actually, using a CC license does not mean you’re free to rip & share. It just means that the rights holder can decide if they want to let you rip & share the music. Which you can do without a CC license as well.

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