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This post was going to be completely different a few hours ago. I came across this so called email written by George Carlin on a forum I frequent, called The Paradox of Our Time. Although this kind of emails hits my inbox now and then, usually pored into a cheesy powerpoint presentation with pictures of cute puppies and pretty flowers, this one is on a higher level, and sort of hit the spot.

I intended to post this one in here as well, but I was curious to find out more about the writer. It turns out George Carlin didn’t write this at all, in fact he’s even stating that on his website. The same text is also listed as an Urban Legend where it would be written by a student witnessing the Columbine shootings.

read and ponder” was initially related to the content of the paradox text, but it fits even as it is now. It wouldn’t be bad to think a second before you forward something you’ve received, and check if it makes any sense at all, or try and verify it. In this case it doesn’t hurt to read the text, and maybe think about it for a second or two, but I’ve seen bogus virus warnings and tons of other crap being forwarded over and over again because people just automatically assume what they receive in their inbox from a person they know is the truth.

So think about it for a second, before you hit that forward button :)

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