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Winter is closing in, and darkness is falling sooner each day, so perhaps it’s time to get in the mood with some dark sites.

The site is creepy enough for instance to give you a chill on a dark winter night. Plenty of impressive collages and layers of ghouls and corpses in the gallery section to feast your eyes on. His imagery is good enough to compete with one of my favorite artists, H.R. Giger, but is not copy of his work (unlike a lot of others…)
The site itself is a piece of art as well btw, so check it out.

If you feel like it, you can even download a wallpaper and scare the crap out of your more conservative colleagues.

If you’re craving for some more similar undead digital material, there’s plenty more to be found at the Dark Side of the Net.

Oh yes, I did rip that pick of the month indeed, but it’s worth it right?

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