complete your Warp collection

If you’re Belgian, and you’re into Warp (and Ninja Tune) get your ass down to the Music Mania in Ghent and complete your collections for only € 9.5 per CD, or € 16.5 for a double CD.
There are some gems there to pick for a really nice price. Older work you never ended up buying because you didn’t feel like paying the full price have become a lot more interesting now.
Bought some Aphex Twin & Squarepusher stuff, and the Amon Tobin collection is at the same price I’ve noticed…

I’m assuming the other shops in Brussels and Kortrijk run the same promotion, but I can’t tell, cause I haven’t seen been there to check.

Note: this plug is not endorsed by Music Mania in any way btw, it’s just that I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity like this myself, I decided to dump it here…

…but if Music Mania would like to endorse with free records oslt, I wouldn’t mind though :)

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