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pukkelpop 2004

The Pukkelpop festival is always a great way to end the summer holidays. Had a lot of fun there with friends, saw some good bands, and heard some great music. The boiler room was huge this year, and we spend quite some time there boogying down to the funky beats.

Besides obviously loving the drum’n’bass sets from DJs like Lady Vortex, Lady Lite ft. MC Mary Jane, Miss Elorak and Roni Size‘s live mix (really live, with live instruments’n’all, and lots and lots of Full Cycle peeps) Miss Kitten rocked it electro-style with a really good set, and Kid 606 blew my socks off in the Chateaux tent.
I’m getting more into the harder breakcore/hardcore style of electronic music lately, while at the same time digging slower electro and techno-stuff as well… broadening the horizons can’t be bad right.

One other thing I did learn though, it’s pretty damn hard to find a quite spot there to make a phone call… damn! :)

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