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Funny how some people still want to protect their ultra-leet html source code by using JavaScript trickery in the era of OSS. Whenever I run into one of those pages I see it as a challenge to break that protection, and usually it’s very easily done.
But still in an environment like the web which is supposed to be as open as possible so everyone can benefit from it, it annoys me to see people are still trying to block simple features like saving an image, or viewing the source code of a webpage.
Those people probably think they are quite something, protecting their code from mere noobs, but in my eyes they are but fools.

Fools trying to do the impossible… and why may I ask? What’s so special about those home written JavaScript snippets that they need to be hidden from and inquisitive mind? Everything is pretty much done out there, and available for download, so why waste your time doing something useless like popping up an alert on a right-click event.

That source is already in my cache when I view it, and it only takes a second to completely disable JavaScript in my browser…no more pop ups, no more events… *phooof* away is the protection…. *yoink*…

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