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another black sunday

Elections are over in Belgium and it turned out to be yet another so called “black sunday“. Once again the extreme rightwing party know as the “Vlaams Blok” has gained lots of votes all over Flanders. What seemed to be a local phenomenon located around Antwerp is starting to spread to the other provinces now.

Politicians are shocked once again, calling it a dark day for the Flemish people, but frankly I wasn’t that surprised to see their numbers go up again. As long as none of the issues addressed by the VB are actually dealt with properly, the party will continue to use those problems (even though they have no actual solutions for them) as their main agenda, and keep gaining influence as they have done before.

It’s time the remaining parties stick their heads together and deal with this matter -which they have been ignoring for way too long already- once and for all. So instead of sticking their heads in the sand again and forget about the whole thing in a few weeks, get on it ffs, and make sure this was the last of a row of black Sundays.

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