running hot

My new P4 box has this cool feature where you can check the temperature of your CPU and a number of other items through software with neat looking gauges. Since I didn’t really know what is considered to be a normal CPU temp however I didn’t notice the reading where kinda high.
I noticed this however when someone on a IRC channel was proudly announcing his AMD processor was now running at about 30°C using water cooling.
I checked the gauges again and noticed my P4 was running nicely at about 60°C… and AMD’s are supposed to be the hotter ones right?

A tad worried that there might be something wrong with my new system I started looking up what the normal CPU operating temperature should be, and it turned out I was quite over that all the time. Now I didn’t look into it that deeply though, since I never experienced any crashes or instabilities that could be caused by a heated box, but when this week ambient temperatures rose to 300C due to nice sunny weather I wondered if this extra heat would cause my box to call it quits and shut down before something burned to a crisp.

The funny part is that my bro’s PC was the one shutting itself down, while his CPU was only reading a value of 45-50°C, and my box kept running along nicely at 68°C (after playing a session of Enemy Territory).

Further research was in order, so I turned to Google to see what I could find related to this odd readings with Intel and ABit as my two main targets. I found this thread about the IC7 MAX-3 (also my board) on the Abit site quickly which indicated I wasn’t the only one having this issue. From that thread I found a link to an Abit FAQ indicating that temps in-between 50 and 75 degrees C are actually okay, and some explanation of how the temps displayed by software are actually calculations and not actually readings.
The CPU itself also has an internal thermal sensor which it uses to monitor it’s own temperature and shut itself down in case things get too hot.

The best article however was one on the BleedingEdge forum which proved that the ABit boards temp readings are way off, and that in fact there is nothing to worry about in my case.

Pfweeeew. Thanks guys, that’s a relief.
Now I can get back to ET. :)

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