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twitter madness

Photo by Dr Gonzo Photography

Twitter is one of those things you don’t really see the point of until you join is it. In fact I did join it a while ago, and I’m still not seeing the point really. I’ve thought about quitting, but then I went ahead and didn’t. It’s weird so far.

It’s like this public web based IRC network. I already use IRC so why do I bother with this one? I’m not sure, but I think being a geek has something to do with it. If not everything.

The cool thing about Twitter is that even though it’s the simplest of social networks out there, it gives you a tons of way to connect to it. They’ve opened up their API’s (geeks love it when a girl, euhm, service does that) and it shows by the amount of web sites and client applications that have risen that do something with that data. Try the hypnotising Twittervision. Awesome. Besides that you can tweet using text messages from your cell phone. For cheaps! And GTalk keyword tracking is the bomb if you want to keep track of Lindsay Lohan’s nip-slips, iPhone hacks or whatever triggers your fancy.

Recently I came across something called tweetchannels, which are basically a way to build IRC-like channels using Twitter, and #hashtags, which is actually a more flexible (and better IMO) way of tagging your tweets, and thus also a way to create a topical twitter feed.

Because of the open API people are building stuff that is adding value to the network, without the Twitter lads having to move a muscle. How sweet is that? I’m curious to what kind of stuff they’ll come up with in the future. Right now there’s this whole color wars thing going down, with games and teams and pink pussy madness.

Going WTF? Well, just jump in and see how it goes. Follow me while you’re at it, and don’t forget to say hi.

openmoko: the open source mobile phone

openmoko open source mobile phone l33tnessMobile phones are still one of those sectors where hardware and software are for the largest part proprietary. If you’re in tough luck you even have a phone which is locked by your network operator, or one that’s branded with some company logo’s you never wanted but get to look at every time the damn thing starts up anyway.

Well, OpenMoko is intending to change all that by offering you an open source mobile phone. That is hardware and software we are talking about here, yes indeed. The whole thing is still pretty much in a starters phase, but they do have a working phone for sale and an operating system based on Linux which can be installed on a number of supported phones already.

As said, this is pretty much in an alpha phase, so don’t get your hopes up if you want to ditch that OS on your current phone. You might end up with a useless phone afterwards, but if you’re feeling like giving this a shot on a spare mobile you have lying around, why the hell not. You might pick up some l33t skillz on the way, and help this project one step closer to a release candidate.

I love the idea and possibilities of this project. If this grows into a stable and usable phone OS, the advantages will be huge compared to using proprietary systems. Think about porting your data and applications from one phone to another without limitations. Adding software and features to your phone will be your choice, and (probably) free.

Screw the iPhone. This will be the true geeks phone, if it isn’t already.

i love my usb phone

Looking for a new cellphone a while ago, I was going to look out for a few things I learned from my last phone. Now that was a cheap Toshiba model (yup, they make phones as well, or at least made phones…) which did everything a basic phone needs to do, make and receive calls and write text messages.
The phone did have a battery which didn’t last long and sometimes it just died in mid-conversation, which just plain sucks, so it was time for something newer an fancier (oooh). I wasn’t going to go for an odd brand again, but something well known. This at least should make it easier to find spare parts, which turned out to be a real problem when my previous cells adapter short-circuited on me…

Connectivity was also very limited with the old phone. You had to buy an expensive data cable to be able to connect to get some ringtones and more of that fancy gimmicks on it, or use iMode… which is also expensive.

So basically I was looking for a new phone which has the following qualities:

  • priced under 200 euros
  • good looking
  • open connectivity, eg. BlueTooth
  • realtones : no shitty midi-tunes plz as ringtones
  • T9 text messaging, with learning capacity if possible

So while looking over some sites, and comparing models, I fell in love with this baby. The motorola v360.
Yummy innit?

This one has all I wanted, and more. Like a 64MB memory card for tunes and pictures, and the obligatory digital camera of course (it’s hard to find a phone without it these days) but it turns out it’s power cable for recharging is actually a plain USB interface! My digital cam uses exactly the same kind of port to connect to my PC, and so I use the same cable to download and upload to my phone. Don’t even need a bluetooth USB dongle on my PC or anything, ain’t that sweet? The T9 rocks on it as well, but the USB interface is brilliant, and it’s not even in the listed features.
I always liked Motorola, so that doesn’t have to change I guess.

One shitty thing about it though, the phone is branded with the cellphone company logo’s. No way to remove it. If anyone has any experience on how to get rid of that without fucking it up, I’d appreciate some pointers.