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come and get your free breakcore albums right here

make it loud

The Themeless releases from the Dutch site always have tracks that make it worth checking them out and giving them a few listens.

You can download their latest instalment “Themeless 6” as a zip archive or stream it straight from the bandcamp page. If you feel like getting some more of that, check out the other releases too on bandcamp, like this Non Human one, which is your typical (yet good) jungle/ragga breakcore-type mayhem.

People email me links to their releases sometimes, and when they are free to download I tend to check them out. This one ended up somewhere way down my inbox because of life and being busy and stuff like that. However, this one is too good not to mention.
Check out the Abnormal Behaviour EP from Syk2ne. Took me a while before I got that name really. Anyway, it’s 2 hard drum’n’bass/breakcore tracks you’ll like if you’re into music from folks like DJ Hidden or Enduser. You’ll find more down-tempo yet equally glitchy and experimental electronica on his other EP’s Escape From Quarantine and Sick Man. He just released a new one on Battle Audio Records called The New Disease as well which is only €0.99.
Good stuff.

Last but not least another free digital breakcore release on the Bitcrusher label, number 14 by BeK + WhiteRatBeat called Mask of the Shame. It’s glitchy, it’s fast, it has tons of samples and breaks, 8 bit crunchy sounds, ragga vocal snippets and the necessary breakcore humor with hard fucking beats in it. Oh yeah and it’s free too so why don’t you give it a shot?

Who needs record stores if you can get all this free stuff right?

tear it up with the outside agency

TB-303 waveform

Those Dutch gabberlads from The Outside Agency (aka DJ Hidden and Eye-D) are definitely one of the most interesting and innovative hardcore/industrial techno and drum’n’bass producers out there at the moment.

Since I’m not alone in this view, the Danish DJ Wavolizer has mixed together a 4 hour long mix containing only TOA tracks. 99 tracks in total. Not for the faint of heart I tell you. Download links and track listing are included if you follow the link. That file hoster is hosting some NSFW advertising btw so better have AdBlock running if you’re getting this at “W”.

As if this 4 hour mix isn’t good enough already, there’s also this mix with a bunch of remixes but not all because they forgot on or two up on their soundcloud page. Nice.

That should be enough hardness for this week I reckon.
Let it bang!

Photo by mikael altemark, cc-licensed.

hardcore and jungle bbq mixes

Tonight's Dinner: Pork Chops

Just going to drop these two mixes for your summer BBQ parties. Depending on the people you have over to enjoy some grilled meat and alcohol with, I’m presenting you some different flavours (BBQ-style) so you can select the right one for your particular grill-fest.

For the more sturdy kind of BBQ, I recommend this mix from a lad called DJ Producer. He’s known for the rougher kind of techno known as hardcore techno. This particular set is one he dropped at the Bangface festival in Glastonbury in 2010. It goes well with lots of red meat and plenty of BBQ spicy sauce.

For the lighter kind of BBQ where a more soothing type of music is required for your meat-digestion needs, perhaps a mix by the gentle chap called The Teknoist is just what you need. Inspired by the legendary John Peel he mixed a rather excellent selection of Jungle tracks into one piece of continuous music. Goes down well with some fish and chicken sprinkled with plenty of BBQ herbs for that sweet neighbourhood smell.


Picture by Christopher Aloi, cc-licensed.

hardcore overload II

just tell the truth

Time for another hardcore overload. We’ll start with the awesome Outside Agency again (can’t fail there) with the Twisted Darkside podcast mix #112 they did for the Impact 11th b-day warehouse party (direct link & mirror). It’s a shorty, but it’s damn good. If you’re dying for more hardcore podcasts, well, that Twisted Darkside page is full of ’em, so I’m sure you’ll find something there.

In case you don’t, there’s always this one: a mix by no other than UK legend The DJ Producer for the PRSPCT XL 17 party (mirror). I don’t think I need to waste any more words on this. Lot’s of Hellfish & Producer in this one of course, so enjoy.

Now something I’m sure you haven’t heard of before. A Berlin based producer who’s been going at it for 10 years started a dark sounding electronic music project under the name RML_. You can download his first EP for free which has some cool, dark & hard techno at a bit of a slower pace so you can chill down from the previous mayhem posted here.

Photo by Rosa Menkman, cc-licensed.

3 awesome free releases


Shame on me!
I’ve been sitting on some sweet breakcore but didn’t find the time to share the awesome with you. So here it is, in a triple dose (sort of) to make it all dandy again.

The Dutch site has brought out various breakcore releases at regular intervals, like their Themeless album series featuring lots of new breakcore talent. The range of breakcore variation on this albums is so that you’ll always find something you like in those high quality tracks.

Dowload Themeless 5 and check it out for yourself.

A second release on worth checking out is the free EP called Midnight Notes released by WSicko, who’s runs the forum & label if I’m not mistaken.
The album has 5 high energy tracks which combine classical music with gabber and jungle beats. You know, that stuff that’s pretty common in breakcore. Good stuff, somewhere in the range of The Teknoist if you ask me, so download it or listen to it on bandcamp.

The third one is another goody coming from z999 and is called Distorted By Design. Breakcory jungle breaks mixed up with melodic classical bits and pieces with a nice distortion sauce on top. Best served loud.

Photo by craigCloutier, cc-licensed.

hardcore overload from the outside agency

No Console...No Party

This podcast is one to rock your hardcore ear-buds alright. The Outside Agency played a (hold on) 4 hour-long DJ set for the Signal Flow Podcast blog. Expect only the best in hardcore breakcore/industrial techno/darkstep/whatever that stuff is called in this awesomely long set. Just take a look at the huge tracklist and see the gems in there.

Download the mix from Soundcloud and visit the Signal Flow blog for more musical goodness.

01. Fracture 4 – Mortal Message
02. The Outside Agency – The Wandering Mind
03. The Outside Agency – Forest Children
04. Cybersonik – Red Alert
05. The Outside Agency – Metal Slug
06. The Outside Agency – Machine Slavery
07. Surgeon – Shaper of the Unknown
08. Chris McCormack – They Feed You Scraps Like Starving Bongo Dogs
09. Armageddon Project – Of Dreams and Disillusions
10. The Outside Agency – Hidden Strengths
11. Sperminator – Uptempo
12. Dr. Strange & Satronica – The Land Runs Red (The Outside Agency Remix)
13. Mindustries – Therapy
14. Chris McCormack – Crazy Legs Crane
15. Embrionyc – Protector
16. The Outside Agency – The Spooks
17. Robert Armani – Blow That Shit Out (Joey Beltram Remix)
18. Fracture 4 – I Never Want to See Your Face Again
19. The Outside Agency – 740MHz: Inertial Overtone
20. The DJ Producer – That Guitar Track
21. Armageddon Project – In the Underworld
22. E-Man – E-Shifter
23. Mindustries – Black
24. Demanufacturer – The Only Way
25. Arkus P – Reisa
26. The Outside Agency – Godspeed
27. DJ Hidden & Broken Note – Existence
28. Sei2ure – Mutations
29. Mute. – 10.000 Needles
30. The Outside Agency & Mindustries – The Immobilizer VIP
31. The Outside Agency – Dream Denial
32. The Outside Agency – Acid Track #2: Caustic Ingestion
33. Mescalinum United – We Have Arrived (Aphex Twin QQT Remix)
34. Broken Rules – Minimize It
35. Panacea – We Have Never Arrived
36. The Outside Agency – Motherfucking Ants (Parts 1 & 2)
37. The Outside Agency – The New Master VIP
38. Ophidian – Qotile
39. The Outside Agency – The Strangers
40. The Outside Agency & Mindustries – Carnage in C-Minor
41. The Outside Agency – Oscillation Overthruster
42. Meccano Twins – Theory of Steel
43. The Outside Agency & Tapage – Choice Mission
44. Dep Affect – Covered in Black
45. Zenith – Black Alienation
46. Negative A – White Fluids of DNA
47. Forsaken Is Dead & Unnatural Selection – The Unconquerable Man (The Outside Agency Remix)
48. SPL – Elbow Deep
49. The Outside Agency – Necropsych
50. Rave Creator – Into Sound (Marshall Masters Remix)
51. Negative A & Counterfeit – Hypnotize the Weak
52. The Outside Agency – A Perfect World
53. Tymon & Ophidian – The One
54. Broken Rules – Synth Drop
55. The Outside Agency – The Smog Sin & The Omen Sights
56. Waldhaus – Anathema
57. Ophidian – Phaseshift
58. The Panacea – Word of Thoth (Dean Rodell Remix)
59. Angel – Can You See Me
60. N-Vitral – The End of the World
61. Dep Affect – Ruins Follow
62. Enzyme X – Rauwkost
63. The Outside Agency – Antichrist VIP
64. Ophidian & Tapage – Head VI
65. Petrochemical – Netherworld (The Outside Agency Remix)
66. The Outside Agency – Sithspawn (Petrochemical Remix)
67. The Outside Agency & Ophidian – The Shadows
68. Mindustries – Craftiest Trick
69. Angel – Freak of Nature (Angel Remix)
70. The Outside Agency & Ophidian – The Infinite
71. The Outside Agency – The Neutralizing Agent
72. Mindustries – Endurance
73. The Outside Agency & Ophidian – The Silence
74. Equinox – Acid Rain VIP (Breakage Final Chapter Mix)
75. The Outside Agency & Current Value – They Are Human
76. Raiden – Sputnik
77. Sinister Souls & The Outside Agency – Perfect Organism
78. Deathmachine – The Journey VIP
79. The Outside Agency & Sei2ure – Undermind
80. The Outside Agency – Cautionary Tale
81. The Outside Agency – The Fabric of Life
82. The Outside Agency – Headphone Wisdom
83. Fuckin’ Hostile – Fuckin’ Hostile (The Outside Agency Remix)
84. Angel – Psycho (The Outside Agency Remix)
85. The Outside Agency – Centipedes & Sentinels
86. The Outside Agency & Tapage – Industrial Cooking Spray
87. The Outside Agency – Our Fear
88. The Outside Agency – Waste Management
89. The Outside Agency – Backpack Wisdom
90. The Speed Freak – Time to Die Harder (The Outside Agency Reboot)
91. The Outside Agency – End Boss

Photo by Paolo Comparin, cc-licensed.

breakcore & drum’n’bass mix dump

"I trust you weren't expecting a tip"

You know what not posting regularly does to your pageview stats? It makes them drop like pills on the dance floor during a police raid, that’s what.
So to fix that, here’s some long and tasty DJ sets filled with creamy breakcore mixed with juicy darkstep beats and a hint of dubstep basslines.

Enjoy the buffet I’d say with a birthday mix from The Teknoist (thx AdNoiseam), a great Methlab promomix from Katharsys and last but certainly not least another Methlab special with Current Value.

Nom, nom, nom!

Photo by Carly & Art, cc-licensed